Preab sa lá seachnó fais an bhaís!

This is the website of an experimental physics researcher with a background in plasmas and spectroscopy.

Currently working in Space Science and Advanced Materials Research Group, UCD.
   Recently completed PhD with the Laser and Plasma Applications branch of the Photonics Group, TCD.

All images used as banners are my own photographs.
    Each is stamped with my Hanko finishing stamp, represting a laser produced plasma.

Any and all content is not meant to reflect anyone's opinions but my own,
    this page does not seek to reflect the views of any institution or business.

If there is anything I can help with as a physicist, computer-phile, hobbyist, etc.,
    contact me and I'm sure I will be happy to oblige.

    - Isaac

Last updated January 2015
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Isaac Tobin